If you are moving into a new building, buying a business, letting an employee go, it would be a safe and wise choice to have that building re-keyed. We will assure that your property will be safe and that the existing key no longer works. We give each property 2 Keys and can cut more on demand.

We can usually fix most commercial lock problems and or provide new hardware if needed. We sell commercial grade lever locks for your office doors. We can also get new commercial grade exterior hardware if damaged or needs to be replaced.

We also offer a Master key systems for your business. If you need 1 key to open all the doors for your building, we can do that and generate other keys to work on certain parts of that building, but not other parts. A Master key system is great where you want to give some people access to some areas and have other employees have access to different areas. We can create a number of different systems that are designed with you the consumer in mind.

Best/Falcon A2 IC Core Re-keying and make up text

We can also order any new hardware for you.

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